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The Biological Blueprint Project is for those who didn't know that coming back from chronic illness was even possible as much as it is for those dedicated to preventing a serious diagnosis from ever manifesting into their daily lives. And, it was created to support you with as little or as much personalized guidance you may need. Dr. Drobot is always a phone call away to help you design the health blueprint you envision for your now and future self.

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Slow the aging process, stop disease in it's tracks and begin your most exciting health remodel now by joining the Biological Blueprint’s Longevity Club.

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Ideal for the DIYer who may want to add consults with Dr. Drobot throughout the year.



If you are seeking individualized support with Dr. Drobot in your back pocket, the Upgrader is for you.



For those ready to remodel their health performance at the most personalized level.



For business and frequent travelers to reverse and prevent the effects of travel fatigue.


Inspired to remodel and rebuild your health?

Dr. Drobot invites you to begin wherever you find yourself now.

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Longevity Club Experiences

As a businessman traveling city to city on and off planes, I want to optimize health, but also in an uncomplicated way. I chose the Travel Pro Club level and regardless of how far away I am, Dr. Drobot is only a phone call away. I love keeping track of my progress in the workbook to make sure I'm hitting my goals for continually optimizing health. Biological Blueprint Project is perfect for anyone who regularly travels, but wants to also dial-in personal health!

Matt A. | Travel Pro

I'm a busy mom who has mostly recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome, but still trying to figure out a few mysteries. Being able to do seasonal lab assessments that are delivered to my home while working with Dr. Drobot over the phone has been incredibly personalized and time-saving. I love the Biological Blueprint bc I'm stepping more and more out of fatigue and spending so much more time having fun with my kids. 

Sharon V. | Upgrader

I've worked with naturopaths and functional medicine doctors for years and was tired of expensive office visits. I'd plateaued and was healthy, but really wanted to focus on personalized longevity. I joined the Longevity Club at the Performance level and get that personalized edge connecting with Dr. Drobot seasonally and following the Blueprint's systems-building approach. 

Jordan | Performance