Experience Whole Health Revitalization At the Biomed Center of New England and The American Center for Biological Medicine



The Biological Blueprint Project is powered by the Biomed Center of New England and the American Center for Biological Medicine, collectively the largest Biological Medical Centers in North America. Inspired by the Biological Medical Centers of Europe, the centers were founded to offer unparalleled, whole-person regenerative medicine for longevity through all seasons of life. 

Our Rhode Island center is nestled along the Providence River walk in the heart of the city while our Scottsdale center is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert—both centers welcome patients from all corners of the globe. 

Our Commitment to your Thriving Health is Rooted in Growth, Expansion and Discovery

We are powered by a collective of compassionate doctors, medical experts, educators, scientists, thought and business leaders with one goal in mind—to make you aware that healing and health performance is available and possible for you. Visitors share that they feel right at home in the comfort of our care.

Our Rhode Island center is home to Well Rooted Biological Dentistry, Vitality IV, Bioenergetics and Elements Supplements. In our Scottsdale center, you will discover the Biolounge’s Nutrient IV Therapies and Dr. Drobot’s Cell Circuit, a personalized bioenergetic experience for everyday vitality and longevity. 

Loving your experience in the Biological Blueprint’s Longevity Club, yet want to experience Biological Medicine in person? Please connect with our patient experience concierge Cara to visit our Rhode Island center and Richard and for our center in Arizona.